I want to make a wrestling game

I know, some people despise wrestling but I don’t. So bare with me.

Things that I don’t currently understand I hope some of you guys can help me figure out are:

  • If we make a grapple button, and in the grapple a player can hit say A+ a directional arrow to perform a move. We tell Player 1’s character to go to say player1.suplex.gotoAndStop but what happens to Player 2? Should both players have a blank frame where if they are put into a move, we move their frame to the blank one until the animation of the move is complete and then simply put the injured player at the same position as player1 but now on their lying down frame?

Also, how could we effectively make use of the ropes. Say player 1 grapples and hits S, we want player 2 to be thrown into the ropes and have him rebound with the ropes animating in a bounce back fashion. What’s the best way to do this?

Basically, can someone help me plan through what would be needed to make a wrestling game (we’ll keep it basic for now) where 2 players can grapple, perform moves, punch/kick each other and interact with the ropes/ring area items?

Thanks. I hope someone can help me out a bit.