I want to

Hi, I made this a animation. I want someone to help me finish it. The main File is called: “Main” at the .zip file called HelpMe2. I want to learn how to make a animation like the one in that folder called: “Animacion2”. The file Named “fatass” is all i have made till now. And in the file called HelpMe1 there are 3 files the file with name “1”. Thats the first thing the character “stan” is supposed to say. Then the file with the name “2” is what cartman supposed to say. And i want them to move their mouths when they say it. And the file “3” is the button i want to have to press when you open the flash file. so please if you can do it please tell me.

( i posted them appart since I cant post em all in 1 post since its to big.)

This is part 2

(sry i have to divide it in 3 parts)

Part 3 cannot be uploaded becuse its to big. If you want it post you e-mail and ill send it to you. That is the most esencial part of the animation.