IBM Seminar

I’m at work and I just had to goto an IBM Seminar, it had to be the best seminar ever.

They started out by showing a movie and throwing silk frisbees at people who can answer a question, I answered one by saying MIT, so I got one. Then at the end, they showed some commercials by IBM such as one where a guy is sitting out in the open with tons of pigeons around, but he has one of those eyepiece things that are like, 1inch long and 0.3 wide. They had them there! We got to play with it, but then there where guards around and I swear they where going to shoot us if we try to steal them. I tried a transparent one, wow, they run Windows XP Pro on those babies, theres a piece that connects to it that actually does the processing, plus one of those mouses that you push around in your hands.

Thats not all, they also had this tiny computer size of your current physical harddrive. It runs on Windows XP Pro (again), 256DDR Ram, 80GB Harddrive, 32MB Graphic Card, 4 USB 2.0 slots, sound slot, TV out, oh yea, 800mhz processor. That was sweet. It’s in prototype right now and worth $30,000.

Then theres this thing you put on your eyes like glasses and it moves the mouse where your eyeballs look at. Right eye blink = right click, left eye blink = left click. It was sweet, again, prototype.

Also, they have this 256DDR Graphic Card there. It was by nVidia, but they actually made it, so that was amazing.

Also, there was this 40GB hard drive size no bigger than a quarter.

It was really fun, and at the end, I got a frisbee during the presentation, and a blue radio sized like a tennis ball. It’s really neat.

Just wanted to share this stuff with you guys.


That’s awesome max. I’d love to see that prototype stuff, but I don’t really get what your saying about the eyeglass thinger.

That’s awesome, except for the glasses. What happens when you just blink normally? Wouldn’t it just click every 5 seconds?

Lol, I’m not sure, but I think it has to detect volentary blinking and involentary, your muscles react differently to the two.

As for the eyepiece, it’s like, a headset, but instead of the mouthpiece on the lips area, it’s an eyepiece just like it on the eye. It has this tiny LCD screen. There where 2. 1 was transparent, which I got to play with, which had a program on there that inverses colors so as you look around the room, everyone is inversed in one eye. The other one wasn’t transparent, it was solid, but had Windows XP.


very cool! :beam:

[size=1](this message brought to you by Windows XP)[/size]

Lol, Microsoft and IBM are like, partners, so I don’t think anything IBM makes are any other OS.