iconFunction Help

[font=Garamond][size=3]I’m having some issues with the List’s iconFunction method in MX 2004 (Windows). I’m trying to assign one of three icons to an item. It’s mostly working, except for one interesting bug: one of the icons refuses to display, and sends the listbox into conniptions when it tries. The linkages on the icons are correct, and the ActionScript seems to be correct from what I’ve seen. This occurs even when I duplicate one of the functioning icons and just change the linkage name. However, if I just change the ActionScript to only load two icons (using one of the working icons in place of the misbehaving one), everything comes out fine. I’m attaching the .fla.

Okay, looks like I’m not actually attaching it, as the file is too large. If anyone’s interested in helping, email me and I’ll send the file. Thanks.