Idea: Games are needed for younger users; potential gold mine? [renamed]

[size=3]I know this might sound stupid but theres nearly a monoply for this ( monoply means only a few of theese)[/size]
[size=3]Children Education sites for 4-8 year olds what we do is make a load of content ( small games and cartoons and quizes) then we could either:[/size]
[size=3]Burn it on to disc and do online orders…[/size]
[size=3]Or Make a big website where u have to sign up and pay like 20 pounds for a yearly account[/size]
[size=3]Sounds stupid but a little gold mine tell me what you think wanna help me ( ill only do it if i have help)[/size]

2 things that sound stupid to me (sorry):

  1. titles containing no information at all (like “help”, “urgent” or in this case: “I know this might sound stupid…”)
    [/size][size=3][size=3]2) using bigger fonts for no reason.[/size]

think about the concept not the way i portrayed it [edited]

and how would te people find out about this site think more deeply and maybe yo will get some investors/programmers/drawers

think about the concept not the way i portrayed it [edited]
at least you wrote it in normal size :stuck_out_tongue:

glad I was abled to help.

burtboy, this is a warning. Please watch what you say and have more repsect for others. Thank you


Just a note:

Monopoly means ONE firm/business/whatever controls a market
Oligopoly means a FEW


this thread definetly went well in accordance to what it was started for…mwahahahahahaha. Im bored.

McGiver…i really suck at your tank game lolol i have been playin it for a while now and havent landed one shot lol