Idea of setting up a 24/7 server

Hey all… this isn’t really important, just a thought. At the minute I run an ftp server of my computer but I’m thinking of upgrading things and getting a dedicated web server. How do you go about doing that? What is involved to actually put it on the net and use it to host web addresses?

Cheers, J

well, first you have to register a domain and have it automatically forward to if you don’t have a static ip address. All lets you do with your free account is forward it to a dynamic ip and then you run their app on your server and it automatically checks your ip address every thirty seconds or so.

Then you also have to open up the ports on your router, it depends on if you have cable or dsl really. Usually cable will block traffic on port 80 because everybody uses the same line and they don’t want to get tons of traffic that they aren’t getting payed for. DSL generally lets you because you have your own line. If you have a linksys router, just set up the dmz host to the private ip ( of the server.

Ahhhhh as easy as that… I was expecting “haha you tit keep dreaming…” so… really *******ed question for you, I’ve set all that up, if I’m using the server to host a web site how do I tell it to go the index page of the site when someone goes to Where do I need to put the page?

I’m confused at your question, setup your account to just go to your ip address, and check to make sure it’s getting the correct one. Also check to make sure it’s using port 80.

Yeah I’ve got that done, but how do I make it so that when it gets to my ip it goes to the desired web page? on my hard drive

ok, do you have a router? if so what kind?

I dont have a router… the net just goes straight from the cable modem to the comp

that might be a problem if you have a cable modem because cable generally blocks port eighty, but with no-ip we might be able to get around it, do you have aim so I can talk to you faster?

Port 80 is open, I checked that… I dont have aim but I have msn if you have it?

yep, it’s [email protected], and good, if you have port eighty then we can get it to work

You need to install a server. I recommend Apache (

Then you just move your files to c:/Program Files/Apache/htdocs, and it should work :slight_smile: