Idea: Tutorial for "form submissions" in flash


I’ve searched the site and wasn’t able to find a tutorial on how to be able to submit forms.
You know how you can get the users name and email and a nice submit button to submit the stuff.

I would love to know how to do that…any tutorials, examples ? plz help.


That’s a good idea and I’m thinking about doing one. The problem is, there are so many ways depending upon what services your server offers. In my case I know php to mysql relatively well… but the coldfussion stuff is a mystery to me, as well as xml, asp, perl… there are lots of ways.

I’ll work on a php method though… at least someone should be able to make a form which will email the contents of the form to their email account. (again, IF the server allows this… some do not to prevent spamming usage of their system)

a tutorial like this coming from me though may take some serious time. Be prepared to wait for it. :slight_smile:

Hey revenge,
I will write a tutorial on this ‘shortly’ as well. I might consider taking the CGI/ASP route because most of them come with pre-rendered scripts that can be ‘plugged’ in to a Flash animation to work.