how do you like this idea?
inspired by “Cath Me If You Can” (dunno why…)

oh cool! (make it a site :))

if your going to make it into a site, it needs something. like split the scree with an image or something. but its a good start.

oh i see. give em’ some muscle and skin!:stuck_out_tongue:

goto for alpha version (no preloader, lots of bugz in it and only 2 sample sub-sites)

i’m really proud of scrollbar :wink: made it all by myself :nerd::blush::beam:
any comments?

the scrollbar is cool, but i really like the vector images at the top like the people walking and the airplane.

heh, got inspired by Catch Me If You Can intro :wink:
other “white thingy” will be a thief, cars and birds :wink:

boy that looks really good! :A+:

Dude! Thats blatant copying of Catch Me If You Can!!

  • Soul :s:

soul whats teh site? i wouldlike to see it

Its not a site, its the intro to the film.

  • Soul :s:

Actually the website is quite like it too…

The film intro is more like his design though :-\

  • Soul :s:

hmm soul, i dont see TO much of a sim exept for the people which i agree are very simalar.

lol Soul i know what ya mean. He cant get shouted at tho so go for it :thumb: i love the design.

could you make the different sections look like folders in a filing cabinet just an idea. :slight_smile:

heh, thx
i’ll upload fixed “links” section
hope you’ll like it :beam:

wow that’s pretty kewl… though the text is hard to read… mayube it’s better if it was rotated CW 90’

cool idea

ok, i’ll do some CW :wink:

// kalpomat rulez, huh?

hey it looks cool :smiley: it is kinda weird looking round the boxes and reading the vertical links. still cool tho :slight_smile:

hey that is looking much better! i love the links section