IE 7 && flash 9 && SWFobject BUG?

hey all,

I notice after I upgrade to IE7 final release…

that all my flash sites and others that use the javascript SWFobject to load flash! doesnt work any more with the flash plugin 9!

I de-installed and re-installed again and now… it works again…

But doesnt anybody know a fix or a solution for the swfobject 1.4.4 release?

I dont think many common IE user wil know how to un-install flash player and re-install in order to see the flashpages again…

DE-installed - UN-installed :wink:

and i don’t really know and think that will fix swfobject

Isn’t it true that IE is not going to support that bugfix anymore?
And the CSS bugfixes won’t work for much longer… (not for flash, but IE6 and previous)

I read this a while back somewhere I can’t remember.
Maybe this will help you find out…

The plugin for flash 8 that is supposed to bypass this issue doesn’t work either. It embeds 2 of the same swf’s in the page.