IE centering onResize issue

This site works in everything except IE on Windows…

Its kind of hard to explain whats happening unless you play with the site in firefox then try it in IE. It is not vertically centering objects which i have onResize code on. (navigation bar, photos) It also seems to be offsetting the thumbnails - making them unscrollable.

code on navigation bar:

onClipEvent (load) {
	_x = Stage.width;
	_y = (Stage.height/2)-45;
	speed = 6;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	endX = Stage.width-(Stage.width-40);
	endY = (Stage.height/2)-45;
	_x += Math.round((endX-_x)/speed);
	_y += Math.round((endY-_y)/speed);

code onResize code for photo movie clip:

_root.picture.onResize = function() {
		this._x = Stage.width-(this._width+100);
		this._y = (Stage.height/2)-(this._height/2);

But i’m wondering if I need some sort of Javascript within the HTML??
…I have never had this problem before - any ideas?

…i hate IE. :m: