IE cuts the last few seconds off my FLVs

I have FLV (audio & video) clips on my website that automatically play, then automatically take you to the next scene…

work fine in Firefox, but not in IE…IE seems to cut off the last few seconds before going to the next scene…anyone know why?..there’s also random audio “pops” only in IE…it’s like IE can’t keep up with the frame rate or something?!?
(My FLV clips are not embedded in the SWF, but set up as progressive in the same root directory on the same web server.)

check it out:

(2 clips: - “intro” & then click on any section and there’s another “4-second” clip)

any feedback would be greatly appreciated…this is my first website and I can’t believe how many issues I’ve been having, trying to please both IE and Firefox…it’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!!

thanks for your time
-Mike P.