IE: Dissapearing Divs in Overflow:Auto container

Here’s my first plea for help:

I’m creating a display system for some news, and I’ve added a colored container for a quote in each of the news items. There are enough news items to cause the overflow to happen, therefore the scrollbar comes up. The problem arises when you use the scrollbar, IE lets some of the colored quote boxes “dissapear” at certain points during the scroll (always at the same points). Everything looks fine until you try to scroll inside the container, in IE 6 (what I’m running). Looks fine in other browsers (Opera, Firefox).

Hmmm… after creating this test page, the colored quote div’s don’t even show up until I start scrolling, but they still flicker.

Anyone had this happen, or know what’s causing it?

I’ve looked at your page and it all looks fine… maybe try posting a screenshot of it.

I get the error, simplistik, did you try scrolling? anyways, I’d just have ie not scroll and just resize to have everything fit in it, and have every other browser use the overflow auto

LoL, I got the error… what I was doing was scrolling w/ my mouse scroller and i wasn’t getting the error… I dragged the scrollbar and I saw it… anyway this is a simple fix.

You need to declare your div width. go into your css that is colored and go to the box option and make it a specified width. that should fix it.


That’s dumb. Heh. I was trying to get something that wouldn’t require a fixed width. Ok, thanks.