IE ... giving me issues

Hi, I’m new to the forums so if I make a mistake or you need more info just ask.

Now I know this might start off sounding like it belongs in the flash section but hear me out. I’m trying to make a flash page (that’s not really the issue) now the issue is embedding it. I’ve tried the standard way of doing that and it loads fine in firefox BUT … IE just comes up to a blank page. I tried one of the tutorials on here (by here I mean that says how to fix this but I seem to still have this issue. And in fact, I now can’t use the <center> to center the embedded flash document. (The page itself) (The Javascript page mentioned in the tutorial I got from the site) (The animated page)

I know there’s not much on the page but I’m glad I didn’t get ALL the way through the page and then realize this was an issue.

If you could point me out to WHAT is wrong or or where I could find a way to resolve this issue, I would very much so appreciate that.