If and go to problem

ive been usin flash mx for a while, but mostly just drawing and design… if i need to use actionscript, i try to make it as simple as possible cuz im terrrible at it. i can never seem to be able to type it out right… well, lets get to my problem:

i am makin a little game where u click on moving circles and get or lose points which appear in a dynamic text box. That was a breeze. My problem is that, once your score in the game hits 1,000 , I want the game to go to the next frame which will say, “You Win!”.

I tried writing this code, which was unsucessful:

if (total == "1000") {

total is the var of the dynamic text box which shows u ur score.

Like I said, I’m terrbile at actionscript… and wut happens when that code is used it will automatically skip frame two and go straight to frame three. (frame two is the actual game; frame three is the “You Win” message)

hell, i dont even know if the “if” statement is the right thing to use… does ne one have any suggestions or corrections? Thank you. :smirk: