If else statement help

I have most of the basics down in actionscripting. I want to learn a little bit more on if else statements. I have an issue right now that I am pretty sure needs to use the if else statement.

What I have is an FLV playing in a browser. When that FLV is done playing, I want it to getURL to a different location. So basically when the FLV is done it goes to the next HTML page.

I attempted and got this far :stuck_out_tongue: :
[COLOR=#993300][/COLOR]var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);

function (jumpURL) {
if (vidPlayer == stopped()) {
getURL(‘vforum.html’, _blank);
} else {
trace(“doing nothing”);


jumpURL is the function it will call when vidPlayer is done. Thanks in advance.