If/else statement with components - Please help

here is another one and i’ll shut up after that!

i have to components one is Combobox and one is radio button (or i should say 2 radio buttons) then using if statement i want to excute different actions (e.g. loading different images) based on the combination of choices between item 1 and 2 - i dont know if that’s clear?!
say: with/without radion buttons and differnt sizes in dropdown list if the choice is “with” and size is “2” do such and such.

right, i read the password tutorial and i think i understand how the If/else works with variables. but a) i cannot set the variables for component and b) i cant get the values of selection to work.

the simple question is how to use component to excute actions in realtime.

help will be appreciated. i have to finish this project by thursday :frowning: please!