If/ else statements

I require one action to be definately executed on one target movieclip.

Then I need to check 5 other movieclips to see if they are on a certain frame, and if so then to instruct them to play.

I understand that I need to use if / else statements and _currentframe property for the second part…but I can’t get both parts of the code to execute. Only one or the other…Is there and and statement or something of the like…

Yes, you can use that, doing so :
if ((movie1._currentframe == 20) and (movie2._currrentframe ==20) and …) {
play () ;

You can also set a variable “i” to 0 in your main timeline. When your first MC gets to the frame you want, do _root.i += 1 ;

Then you can test if (_root.i ==5) {play();}

Should work.


though if you are working in Flash 5.0 you should use the “&&” instead of “and”.


kinda simular to what yuo want … i think…