If else trouble AS2/CS4


I have a for loop attaching movies to my stage, the way I want to arrange them is for 4 to load horizontally, then 4 underneath. then once those two rows of 4 are full to start over right next to it.

here’s what I have so far:

    if(currMovie._x>250 && currMovie._y>150){
        xPos += currMovie._width+5
        yPos = photo0;
//this is supposed to see if both rows are full
    else if(currMovie._x > 250){
    yPos += currMovie._height+5;
    xPos = photo0._x;
//this puts the 5th image under the first

        xPos += currMovie._width+5
//this puts the image next to the one before it if the row is still less than 4

The problem I see is in if statement:
if(currMovie._x>250 && currMovie._y>150)
how can I write in this way:
if(currMovie._x>(first image in this row._x+250) && currMovie._y>150)

anyone have any ideas?
hope someone can help me out!