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I apologize for cross posting (thread also in flash mx) but I’m in dire need of some help.

I have 5 buttons, each triggers a movie to play that fades in from nothing and stops at 50% opacity to cover most of the stage. In this movie is my subnav.

on (press,rollOver) {

on (release,releaseOutside) {

when you rollOver button number 2 (for example) the movie plays and covers the stage but if you dont make a selection and rollOver button number 3, the subnav for number 3 plays with an identical movie at %50 opacity that covers the stage ON TOP of the movie triggered by button 2.

Each subnav has an instance name, so isnt there a way to say if “mysubNav2” is on frame 33 then all other subnavs should be on frame 34 (which plays the movie off the stage).

Does that make sense?

can anyone help?