If (multiple conditions?) {

I’ve got a zoomable map within a frame, and of course I don’t want it to be dragged out of view, right?

So, how do I set the startDrag (L,T,R,B) parameters when it’s a different size when it’s enlarged (zoomed)?

Would it be advisable to somehow set multiple conditions to do something like this? (if so, how would I do it?)

[FONT=Courier New]
if ( between Size>100 AND Size<200) {
startDrag(this, false,400,150,600,250);
if ( between Size>200 AND Size<400) {
startDrag(this, false,500,250,500,150);

Would it be advisable to do something like that? If so, how would I code it?
If not, what would be a better idea?

…I swear, adding this zoom feature added a whole level of complexity to this map that I’ve never imagined. PLEASE HELP!