IF not working

Hi guys,

Main timeline, 1e keyframe, layer “Action”:

function Preload (){
filesize = mcIcontainer.getBytesTotal();
loaded = mcIcontainer.getBytesLoaded();
trace (filesize);
if(loaded != filesize){
trace(loaded != filesize);
frameNumber = Math.round((loaded/filesize)*33);
trace (frameNumber);

bt.onPress = function (){
mcIcontainer.loadMovie (this.movie);

Main timeline, onstage, 1e keyframe, label “container” movieclip: mcIcontainer


Ok so tracing the filesize is working.
But tracing the boolean and frameNumber isn’t it looks like it isn’t even working the if syntax!
I’m breaking my brains cause in my logic this should work or lol maybe not.

Please what am i doing wrong, any suggestions???

Great Thanks Ibizzz