If the movie have played

I have an interesting problem

In my site i want to load into an specific MC different external swf files.

have no problems loading them, but, is there any way to load an swf file, just when the previous one finished?

i dont have the *.fla of the external *.swf files, and all are import protected

what can i do?



sounds like you stole those .swf’s

No, they are not stolen, my bnoss just lost the original fla files

any ideas to make it work?

just read your thread… i’m going to explain you how to solve your problem in a few hours, when i’ll be sitting in my chair my place :slight_smile:

the main idea is that loading externally .swf’s is just like loading the main .swf … you use almost the same coding as if you would do a preloader for the main movie…

i’ll get back to that as I said, later… right now, gotta have some fresh air… it’s my 10 minute break :slight_smile:

ta - ta

u rule!

thanks 4 the help!

thx :slight_smile:

so, u’ve understand? when 100% load, try and load the next .swf

if this is unclear to you, i can make the code and show you; just say so :slight_smile:

my capabilities in actionscriopt are really poor, it would be a great help, if u could haelp me sending me a piece of code to make this thing work!


well, for a start, read the following tutorial:


when u finish reading, tell me

since your knowledge of actionscript is poor, i recommend you read all the articles at kirupa.com and then start working on different projects

i undestand all the facts in the tutorial, and i can use them without any probles, i only cant control the loading of external swf files, in a sequence, when the second file loads, just after the first finished preloading and finished playing

i sent the tutorial url, to several friends, and they all found it really usefull!

thanks again,

any ideas to help solve this problem?