Iframe border

hi kirupa,
i have a problem with iframe in conjunction with flash…
I mean i would like to simulate a tv screen using an iframe centered in my page, and so i wuld like to insert 4 swf files representing the border of the tv AROUND the iframe. But i can’t figure out how to attach the swfs to the iframe . Do you know if there’s a way to surround an iframe with images created with flash???
Or do you know a way to do it in flash??
I mean creating a telly in flash and then eabutton of a remote control canghes only the screen of the tv and not the whole movie?
Can i target a movieclip or an object when loading another movieclip or swf???
Thnx in advance

Hello udin,
You would need to have tables surrounding your iframe. Inside the tables, you will have your SWF animation. As far as I know, iFrames respond to target paths just like frames. In Flash when you are hypelink, in the specify target area, choose the name of your iframe target. Examples of targets used in Flash are (_blank, _window,_parent, etc.)

I hope that helped. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reply back.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
[email protected]