iFrame - multi target

What I want to do is when I click the link to whatever, i want 2 different pages to open in different iFrames… but I’m not sure how to do that, I can do 1, just not 2. If I didn’t explain that right, let me know

couldnt you try putting 2 target frames in your link? and making the iframes have different names?

im just guessing. im not that much of a help :smiley:

thats what im gonna try, im just tryin to think of how to seperate them or whatever i need to do


<a href="http://basdas" target="win1" target="new2">

but im just guessing

thanks, ill give that a shot… but now im having someone do it for me in flash… so i think i dont have to worry about it
thanks a lot for the help

i actually helped?
is that even possible?

im almost as dumb as a brick.

red, i didnt try it, but it made sense to me
and your not as dumb as a brick… your a lot dumber, dont give yourself too much credit
your smart if you can make stuff make sense to me

I don’t think that would work because he wants one iframe to display one page and the other iframe to display another. What redViper suggested would make it so the iframes would display the same page. I know what you are trying to do because I did the same exact thing you are trying to do. If you still need to know how to do this let me know, but sometimes i forget to check up on posts so you can send me a private message!

im havin a friend make me a flash one, but if he runs into any trouble ill be sure to ask for help

Well I would hate to leave a thread unanswered so here is a quick example of how to acheive multi targeting, download the attached file. If anyone needs help on this topic just ask.

hey displaced, i didnt even see that you responded
thats just what i needed
thanks so much:beam: