Iframes and hover buttons

Hi Kirupa!
I was wondering if it was possible to hyperlink hover buttons to a page within an inline frame?
I’m trying to replace the main menu with hover buttons at http://members.optusnet.com.au/kimba0051/index.htm
and all I have achieved is to hyperlinking the lower two frames into single page by using a hover button.:-\

Name your frame, then in your link, instead of telling it to go…for example…to _self or _blank tell it to go to the name that you named your frame.

Wow, that was incredibly rhymey. If your frame was named InLine, and since you are saying hyperlinking, I am assuming you are talking HTML, your link would be

<a target="InLine" href="pagetoload.html">

if you are talking about Flash it would be


or something along those lines.

EDIT ( dan4885 ):To not have the forum counter part your HTML then use the forum PHP tags: use {php} but with [ ] if ya know what I mean.

Thank you! Your help didn’t work as I’m using FP and get lost tinkering HTML to much. The hover buttons have very complex html and create two fhover??.class files. But it put me on the right track as I found to my embarrassment that you select the frame the same as you would a normal hyperlink after clicking Browse in the hover button properties menu. I would love to experiment with flash but as I’m just mastering the beginners FP guide I must not get ahead of myself.

I’m now having problems affecting page transitions with site enter and site exit options. The pages within the iframe work using page enter. But not the main 3 frame site with site enter or exit.

Thanks again.


I don’t usually work with frames, but can you target your whole frameset? What kind of transition are you referring to?

Thanks dan for helping me out with that html code thing. It was driving me nuts. david told me just encas the html tag in brackets and it will show perfectly, but that didn’t work. I have tried the method with php tags, but it didn’t work before, so I never tried it again, I forget what I code I posted for that, maybe it was my code that messed it up.

Thanks for all your help LostinBeta and Dan!

Yes the index site composed of three frames does have a label, but how do I link it to page transitions? If I load the page of three frames I cannot affect page transition until I select one of the three pages in comprises of. I have chosen site exit and enter for two of the pages for transitions (the header and menu frames) with no result. I can’t seem to be able to select the main frame index as a single file without opening all the pages it comprises of. As I said before the page enter page transition (slide left, right, random etc) on the inline frame works fine.
The page transitions I am trying to set are circle in for site exit and circle out for site enter. What exact affect is of little concern but getting it going is.
All this is being done on FrontPage. I don’t really need to delve too deep into the HTML coding behind it unless there is no other option available. Not that I don’t want to but it can all become a little overwhelming.


I am not one for using JS Page Transitions OR Frames, but I will see if I can help you out.

Ok, so you have 3 frames, for the sake of simpleness I will name then Frame1, Frame2, and Frame3. You want the WHOLE page, including all 3 frames to transition right?

Ok well those 3 frames are included in what is called Frameset. Your frameset should have a name.

I am going to name it MainFrame (sounds cool). your transition should target MainFrame. I don’t know how your script is written so I don’t know where to tell you how to target it.

You can add this to your MAIN .HTML page, the one that includes your frameset

[META http-equiv=“Page-Enter” CONTENT=“RevealTrans(Duration=4,Transition=9)”]
[META http-equiv=“Page-Exit” CONTENT=“RevealTrans(Duration=4,Transition=2)”]

Replace [] with <> (I had to do this for this sake, because they are META TAGS and it converted them). Place this script in between your head tags of your page.

This should give you the effect you are looking for without the complicated JS code, if that is what you are using.

I hope this helps.

Ta LostinBeta!

You gave me the wrong transition codes but I located the code produced by FP in Frame_One, the same as the code you gave me though with transitions 2 and 3 and in lower case, and cut/paste bingo it works, joy!
Why don’t you use transitions? I’m mean I have no real motivation other than learning to do everything/ anything. But page transitions look cool. Are they determental to download times? Due they chew up processor capabilities?
Also I found the code copied from you gave my a blank page as site, even though the site transitions worked. Does the upper case cause this or was it the transitions?

Thanks eternal Anthony =)

Sorry about giving you the wrong numbers, it is kind of hard for me to remember which transistion is which. Not to mention I have a problem with keeping numbers straight in my head.

Javascript is a funny funny thing. One little symbol, or letter case can throw it off balance. So although I don’t know why it did what it did, it might very well of been the uppercase letters.

I don’t use page transitions because many people find them tacky. I also don’t make layouts that could really use transitions, if they were to, it would look really bad. They are also a pain if you set the duration for too long, then the viewer has to keep waiting and waiting to view a page, and if he accidently clicks out of the page he has to wait again. Where, if there were no transition, the page would be loaded in browser cache and would load up in a fraction of a second (well I use a cable modem, so it would for me). That is pretty much why I don’t use transitions. They don’t overload CPU Resources and they don’t effect load time too much.