Using FP with the help of your book, understand frames, thanks, know the ?
I have seend IFrames in other sites wihich have a ‘close’ icon at the bottom of a frame.
How do I do that.
About to start on teaching myself Flash, any idea on a good basic book to study.
Thanks PetaK…

Hey petak,
I have never seen an iframe with a close button on it. I’m sure it has a window.close javascript action. Would it be possible for you to post a link here that shows a site using a close button?

You can find some good books regarding Flash from the Beginner/Intermediate link of the following site: www.kirupa.com/store/index.asp I learned Flash from reading online tutorials such as those that can be found on my site. The best advice would be for you to go to a bookstore and check out some Flash books and find which one suits you best!