Ilyaslamasse's footer

hi, ilyaslamasse, is your footer lines generated by actionscript ?? if yes, could you explain me how to generate lines like that but just vertically’?


Haha, everyone has its little secrects (mine is Flash Math Creativity by the way).:slight_smile:

Actually, the line is a movie clip that I drew before, then they are duplicated with a random angle. But I don’t understand what you want to do: is it drawing dynamically with Flash? If so, look at the tute about the drawing board in Flash MX, you should find your answer there.

pom :asian:

Hey Eberth,

My footer uses Duplicated Movie Clips too. I can’t really explain how I did it, took me FOREVER (I am a newbie). Kirupa has a tutorial on Duplicating Movie Clips here

I know it isn’t exactly what you wanted, but it is where I started. You just gotta mess around with it and be creative=)

Nice footer, LostinBeta! But the problem is that once the duplicates are done, there’s nothing moving there. So what I did (and you can try that) is reinitialize your counter when it’s over. I don’t know exactly how you did your thing, but it has to look like

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      if (i<100){
      // You can add this:
      else i=0;

Just a thought…

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey ilyaslamasse,

I basically just wanted it to come out and draw the movie then stop. I did have something to reinitialize my counter, but I decided to remove it. I want to add a replay button though, if its possible.

Ok, so I think I found a way to keep it running and keep it interesting. I just adjusted the rotation of the line each time it starts over, so it creates a “new” pattern. That way the line doesn’t just loop over itself.