I'm addicted

Really. Posting on a forum is very addictive. For example, right now I’m on this forum when I should study for my exams that I have tomorrow, or better : sleep. But no, I’m here, waiting for posts, quiet. happy. tranquil.


lol pom. I think school is more important than the forums :slight_smile: I keep Flash as a hobby and put schoolwork ahead of flashing. I do agree though, the forums are extremely addictive.


Being an avid poster on literaly dozens of forums and being a Moderator of this as well as the Billy bussey forum Its hard ti get real things done lol. Ive been an addict for a while now lol.

I am not addicted…I get my whole 3 posts a week on all the forums I go to all together…too busy and I haven’t needed specific help lately and I am too busy to help others because my spare time isn’t even spare time considering how busy I am!

the way to tell is to look at your global posts. If it shoots up a hundred posts a night, you’ve got a problem… :slight_smile:

I’m up to 11K posts now… Woohoo… I’m an addict and I’m proud of it.

Yeah, 1.2 Kposts, that’s pretty good. I just reached 0.1 kpost yesterday. Small step for mankind, but…


i was looking for a 12 step program to quit flash , but requests for my work ddint cease even after i tryd to slow down . i guess im stuck in the game. **)

The other night I was talking to my girlfriend, said something I shouldn’t have and I found myself looking for the Undo button. But it wasn’t there. Thats only in Flash and virtual land. Thats how I know I have been spending too much time with it. :slight_smile:



That happens to me all the time. I’ll be drawing in my sketch book and ill mess up and my first instinct will be to search for CTRL+Z lol.