I'm ashamed to ask this one

I know this is a easy one but I have been up developing some 3d stuff all night… And I just cannot process actionscript right now…I have a small flash application and a piece of it requires a joke of the day piece. What I want to happen is flash to display a new joke everyday automatically. Not a random joke just take them in line from like a text doc or a array. Could someone give me a clue, a tutorial or a snippet to work with…I will pay your weight in gold (okay not really but…I will greatly appreciate it)

:*( AWWWW man…no responses

You mean literally every 24 hours depending on the visitors current time?

yes I do or it can be a random joke if that is too hard I cannot seem to think it out

Hi I’ve been very busy. I’ve come up with a simple script.

Let me know if you’re still interested.

Yes flex I am still very interested. Please post. I have dug myself in a hole trying to figure this one thing out

Check your private messages.