I'm back!

hi guys!!!
do you remember me???
i’m back, i’m out of school, i finished :D:D:D

well, i’m going to be around again!!

and as always, i have a question, i need help on creating a effect on lens, similar to the effect of the matrix reloaded posters, where there’s a reflection of an image??

like this:

Nice that your back, I remember you, but I don’t get your question

i have an image,
and i want to add reflection to the sunglasses
similar to the one of the poster

that is a kinda complex qustion as in it is hard for me to explain…let me think of a way to xplain a good way to do that and I will post back…

Not too hard,
You using photoshop?
first have the three images you want to work with in a document, the reflection layers, and the glasses layer.

Set up the layers where you want them, so reflection 1 over first lens, and reflection 2 over lens 2,

::hide both reflection layers, (eyes next to the layer name) make a selection of the glasses lens 1 or 2 and then unhide the reflection layer, select the reflection layer you are working with in the layers palette, make sure its active, now in the document, hit ctl ,shift, i (or select / inverse) which will invert the selection, hit delete , now you should be left with a image the shape of your glasses lens 1 or 2 depending on which one you worked with. DO the same for the other lens, (select, active, invert selection , delete)

::: Now to make the image more round looking you would have to play with some filter, give this a go, select the relection layer, go to the filters/ distort/ pinch (or sphereize) , play around with the setting to get a nice boldge feel.

A nice trick to get some reflection on top of this image is to select the lens selection you have, make a layer on top of the reflection image, select the gradient tool, make the gradient white to transparent, select the linear gradient , and from the top left to the bottom right of the selection make the gradient, its kinda like making a highlight to a object.

tnx, i’ll try that!!! :slight_smile:

and for the same image, how can i make the skin look so “white”??

yay! i remember you!

ok, i could make the face “whited”, but now, i dont know how to make an image look chromed, like the ones on the sunglasses.

Looks like you can use a couple of color dodge’s, a good smudge, and a simple picture for those sunglsses, and you’re done :slight_smile: probably the easiest part of that poster next to whiting the faces. =) good luck

I was just helping somebody out with the exact same poster, the one with Morpheus by himself. C:-)

can you post which thread was ?

the final result:


last one was messed up

no thread for the Morpheus poster, that was a school project i was helping someone out with…:A+:

Eberth :: Yeah looks alright, could do with a bit more playing around, like the ones cybergold has posted, they look pretty good, using duotone colours (2 colours).

oww :frowning:

i cant make the sunglasses look duotone colours :frowning:

you can use a adjusment layer on the image that goes on the sunglasses lens. use the hue/saturation , and make the image more bluey (or whatever colour your trying to get) with the sliders.

over all its not to bad, but like they said, just a bit of tweaking here and there.