I'm cool

…like ice cubes!


I’m hot, I like… uh… fire!


btw, where the fudgesickle have you been lately?

Holy shizz, some well known dude I don’t know! :stuck_out_tongue:

The air condition in my office is overworking.

Entire room is as cold as Antartica (ooooppps that’s exaggerated).

But i’m really feeling very cold here.

I am at the University of Arizona now. Actually in a frat now too!

the ac in my office isn’t workin and im sweating n smelling…


hey telekinesis, been a while since i last saw you…what were you doing in the past few months?

TK heya

looks like it’s not just lost threads that are popping up today.

hah. fratastic. which one? Sigma Nu myself.

I’m cool…
sounds like you are converting to frat life pretty nicely.

yes yes you are :slight_smile:

for a second there i thought someone just bumped a really old post.

You’ve been gone for a while. Hello.

I’m in Kappa Alpha Order @ U of A.

Below is on my way walking to our Playboy party a few weekends ago. Over $4K party and over 250 people. All girls wore basically nothing. This is me with my girlfriend before we got there.

If you have to say you’re cool, you’re not cool. :whistle:


This goes with the you’ve never posted a pic with a shirt, do you own shirts?

yea ur cool…

■■■■, your missus is smokin’ telekinesis :slight_smile:

You da playa dood! :lol:

Yo tele, she’s pretty hot. Can I get her name and number?

Why thank you for your recognition. Because you know, when I woke up this morning, I thought, “Wow, I sure hope berkoWitZ thinks I’m cool, would be grand!”

(By the way I wasn’t posting this because I thought I was actually cool, I just wanted to say hi and wanted to put something random.)

It’s a playboy party, I’m probably wearing more than I should.

Err… welcome to you too. Hello again. :slight_smile: