I'm doing something dumb

…but can’t quite figure out what it is.

Best Practices seems to recommend putting all my ActionScript code in an Actions layer, but when I do that and then test the movie, there is invariably a brief moment where I get:

“Current selection cannot have actions supplied to it”

Then the movie loads and, of course, doesn’t work.

This happens even when I’m doing tutorials - though sometimes they work, after a bit. very odd, that.

Any qucik guesses on what I’m doing wrong?


The long and short of things is that you’re not placing your ActionScript entirly in the first frame.

You might want to check to see that you don’t have a button or an image that has ActionScript attached to it.


I’ll look into this. I did some more fiddling with things, and though I’m stil getting the message, the code is working.

It could be I need to try getting a bit more than an hour of sleep each night. :wink: