Im done!

I completed modifying the three images as per EthanM’s request. Sadly, I have not acquired a server of my own, so I cannot provide a link to them and show it to the rest of the members at kirupa’s wonderful forum. Can anyone temporarily [about 4-6 days] host these pictures?

Thank you in advance

why dont you ask polielty? Or ask all together. I dont like the attitude that you are bringing to the forums, cool it.

mdipi, do you have a sight disfunction?

Not unless you are consistantly rude and show signs that are unwilling to change your ways. Which - from what I have seen after reading a lot of your posts, seems to be the case.

edit: Thank you for changing your post. All i ask is that you show respect to members and ask polietly about things.

i believe you can attach pictures to this forum, and you don’t need your own space…


(sorry dipi’s such a jerk, he just woke up)


yeah, but the size limit is small…il give it a try

//dipi, my advice, get off the computer for 20 minutes, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, do some stretches, maybe take a walk outside…then come back in the forum when you feel better

ill get number 2 later, i need to fiddle around with the size some more:cool:

i’m assuming your xperiment…

i don’t like either one tbh… they need more color

^**** i love that…

The second one looks a little bit better than the first, but I agree with bodyvisual, more color!

You were banned for a reason. Signing up with a new account isn’t quite the smart idea. Taking this further will result in an IP ban, let this be a warning! :love:

you got told


Well now I don’t get to see if all my advice went to anything… oh well.
Not a good idea to disrespect anyone, but especially a mod.