I'm gonna scream! (Publish Settings?)

Spent ages finishing flash site - published it with scale set to exact fit. All was good. Tested it at 800 X 600 resolution and it looked awful. Experimented with No-border option - looked good on all resolutions, but in 800 X 600 the head and foot of movie is cut off. I really don’t want to manually re-size the movie and the numerous loaded movies into it, is there a work around to get the quality of No-border scale without cutting off head and foot of movie? Does flash MX have extra settings to help?

Cheerz in advance.

Flash Baby

Just set your parameters in you html. set a table at the center, and center your movie within the table.

Interesting issues flashbaby and YES flashmx deals with them.
if you don’t have it dowload the fla here and I would like to see it.

got another question about publishing, what is the best use of load order. (top, bottom) does it matter? or can u do some progressional effects with these loading options/methods?

Btw: i just realised i was in flash 5 forum, iam using mx if there is any difference to this matter. (-: :smirk: