I'm looking for work doing 3d art

Hello!! Everyone!!

I’m looking for work doing 3d art, whether it be still images or animation. I primarily use Maya for rendering, with use of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. I can do modeling, texturing, rendering, and special effects (such as fire, magic, energy, Lightsabers,etc).If you have a logo that you would like done in 3D, or if you need a banner or other graphics. If you have a sketch that you would like replicated in 3d, i can do that too, for instance a character you have drawn. The more information you give me, such as sketches, photographs, etc, the better the results will be. Aside from 3d rendering, I also do visual effects for video projects. I use Nuke for green screen removal and compositing. If you have shots where you need some effects, just let me know.

My specialty seems to have become doing 3d versions of custom characters, which is great news for any fans of City of Heroes, D&D, and other RPGs! Check my gallery to see some of my previous work.

Prices are based on the project but I’m pretty easy-going as far as working with your budget.If you explain your idea I’ll give you a quote, or you can make me an offer for the image you want if you have a pretty good idea of what you’d like to pay for it.

Just to give you an idea on prices, these are some guidelines I usually use. Note: These prices ARE NOT set in stone. They are just to give you a rough idea on what I’ve done in the past.

1 Character w/ basic background: $30.00
2 Characters w/ basic background: $50.00