Im looking on a tutorial to make

Ok, im 14 years old and have used flash for like 2 months so bare with me.:slight_smile:

I need a tutorial on how to make a rollover on a button that comes down with a list and and each item is a different button?

I mean i really doubt that u know off the top of ur head where to find a tutorial on that but for all u flash genius’ out there, if your feeling generous one day and wanna help me out, aim me:promx77 or e-mail me:[email protected]

I would appreciate it so much if u could get back to me,

My man, I’m going to give you the link to the ultimate drop down menu tutorial. be sure to browse through the tutorials, they’re all great.

pom :asian:

YAY! i love u! sick! you dont even know how much that has helped me!


Hey Pom!
That is a really nice link. THE best I’ve seen regarding drop-down menus.

Kirupa :asian: