I'm not gone - just taking a short breather :P

(Reposting from Facebook)

Just a short update on the near radio silence from me for the past month. What started out as an epic month-long working vacation across Europe and India turned out to be a bittersweet farewell to my dad. A few weeks ago, we all met up in India as part of huge party our families had thrown for Meena and me. My parents, Meena’s parents, and almost all of our close family and friends were there. Given that we all live in different parts of the world, having all of us under one roof and celebrating together was quite a rare feat. Unfortunately, my dad unexpectedly and suddenly died the following day after emergency brain surgery for internal cranial bleeding.

While his death is unfortunate (to put it lightly) and certainly premature for someone as health-conscious as him, that he died peacefully at our family home at his place of birth surrounded by Meena, my mom, me, and the rest of our families is a fitting farewell for someone who valued family and home over all things.

Anyway, my dad would hate to see all of us reveling on his passing. He would be pretty irritated if he found out that I wrote a post like this, so with that, we will return to our regularly scheduled programming really soon :slight_smile:

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