I'm so frustrated, please help! :0(

Hi, I am a sophomore(almost a junior) Digital Design major at UC, and right now I am on my co-op quarter. My job is to make interactive CD-ROMS for companies, and I am in charge of it all. While I love this job, and my freedom, it has shown me how very much I still have to learn. My dilema is with the playback of the cds. I created an animation using Strata 3D, and saved it as a Quicktime movie, I then imported it into a presentation I made in Flash. I have come across many problems with this. It plays perfect in Flash, but when I view it in the Flash player(.swf), the Quicktime movie does not show up. It does show up if I publish the movie as a Quicktime .mov, however when I publsih it, it does not show the mask layer that I created to fade out my animation. It also works great if I export it as a Quicktime, however then the link that I made in Flash, does not work. The way I have been combating this is exporting and publishing it, and splicing pieces together with Quicktime Pro. Although it’s time consuming, it has been working, even though I have been battling a hitch where the two clips are connected. Ok, so now my dilema is that I need to put this on a CD-Rom, and I need it to auto-run, when inserted in the cd drive. I have tried auto-run, and because it is a .mov file, it will not work. .MOV is also the only format that I have found that will allow the Flash link to work. I know there has to be a better way to do all this. Am creating the thing incorrectly to begin with? I just feel very overwhelemd with all of these problems, and my boss is not helping any, I am in it alone. So any and all help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Can’t you use Flash Projector files instead?
they are EXEcutables, and they work perfectly with autorun, you also don’t need a seperate flash player to work…

No, you can’t :slight_smile:
You can combine Flash and QuickTime by layering flash-content over the mov, but the export can only be in Quicktime, Flash doesn’t integrate .mov, the other way 'round it’s ok.
For your autorun, try some soft like Auto Play Menu, Autostart, or Autorun. If you put everything into a html-page, you can also use Bareview, which’ll turn your page into an .exe.
Look for any of these softs, one or two are even free!