I'm stuck

Hello everyone,

I’m a newbie to flash and things have been going well since I’ve bought just about every book and taken just about every tutorial on everything except action script 3.0. (Or any action script at all for that matter) I have a question that I do hope someone can help me with. Sometimes my imagination can go far beyond my skills.

**I have a short movie I am creating for a web site. I have placed inside of a movie clip a short intro that brings on the stage a set of buttons. Everything works great except for the fact that I cannot (do not know how) to get the actions of a button inside of a movie clip to call another movie clip to action that is in the scene 1. I hope I’ve explained it correctly.
Anyway… I would like a little help on this issue if at all possible. Please remember that I have just started really getting into scripting and most script looks like Chinese characters to me. If someone does have the answer please try and explain it in a way an idiot (me) can understand. (I’m still on page 3 of my ActionScript 3.0 Bible. :puzzled: I’m working towards one day being able to help out on these forums too)



P.S. How that for a first post?