I'm stumped!

I have two movie clips, and for each I want certain text to be displayed in a certain area. This is the problem:

if (_root.rah.hitTest(_root.maze.walls.key)) {
	_root.text = "Blah blah blah.";
} else {
	_root.text = "";


This script on ONE of the two movie clips, which makes it possibal for only one movie clip to display text because of the “else” command, which makes it display no text if it’s not on that movie clip in particular. If the ‘else’ command is not there, then the text remains where it is. I was thinking of just making multiple text boxes on eachother, but I was wondering if there was an easier way to do this.

Okay, when one MC hitTests a different MC, text is displayed on the bottom of the screen. The script for this hitTest tells the dynamic text box to display the text, and when the first MC isn’t touching it, to not display anything (See script above). Since nothing is displayed when the first MC isn’t touching the second MC, the ‘else’ command is told to display nothing in the dynamic text box. Because of this, if the first MC touches any other MC’s that I want to cause to put in different text in the dynamic text box, nothing happends because of the else command in the first hitTest. The problem is, I need that else command there, or else the text will continue to be displayed on the bottom of the screen even when theres no hitTest..

Er, I hope that helps a bit. ;(

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Edit: Nevermind, I’m just doing it the hard way instead.:hair:

Something like this?
Drag the green ball around…


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