I'm trying to create a gallery using movieclips. Help!

I have created a menu which contains the button [GALLERY]. When a user clicks this button it plays a movie. The movie is a set of thumbnails. heres the code I’m using to play the movie:

on (press) {
this.attachMovie(“thumbs”, “window”, 0);
window._x = -900;
window._y = 575;

When a thumbnail is clicked I want the photo to popup. The photo is also a movieclip itself. Using the same code as above nothing happens. I want to keep the photos as movieclips so I can have them load as needed to keep the file size down of the initial swf file. I’m using MX 2004 Pro. Any help with this would be appreciated.

looks like you’re setting the x postion a bit off the stage, and why not just load the photos dynamically, with a small php you could even load ones with wierd names and yo wouldn’t have to make a ton of MC’s to load