Image Collection Browser

Hey guys! I’m developing an image browsing interface for an upcoming redesign of my website, and I thought I’d show it here and see what you guys think of it.

In some ways, this is suppposed to simulate what it would be like to sift through a heap of photos piled up on your desk. You can click on images in the pile to center them and brush others away.

You can also use the menu to the left to select specific images. Please disregard the repetition of images and names. This is just some sample media I’ve been developing with.

Also, please disregard the current lack of any clear aesthetic design. This is just a test build I’ve put together to get functionality down. Whether or not I use this on my site in any form will depend a bit on public response and usability issues.

Do you find this easy to use? Intuitive? Is it presenting too much content for you to load comfortably? Would you rather all the images load at once, or that I continue to refine the code that loads one image at a time, in sequence?

For your reference, this is coded in ActionScript 3.0. All the content you see is 100% dynamically generated, loaded from XML. That includes the menu bar to the left.

With your opinions and criticisms, I will continue to develop this project and will surely release source code once I’m satisfied with it.