Image Compression [C#]

So I’m trying to create an image compression program using binary partitioning, but I really have no idea. Instead of trying to find a program to do that, I just want to see how an image would be compressed using standard lossy JPEG (using DCT).

My problem is that I cannot find source code, or atleast for C#, of an image compression program using JPEG. I mean I tried C++ source code, but I had no idea how to read it (I dont know any C++). Does anyone know such source code, or at least help me get this thing started?

I just need to know how to work with images with programming as I dont have any experience in it. EX: JPEG divides the image into 8x8 blocks, apply transformation, etc, but I have no idea how I’m supposed to divide an image and do mathematical transformations to those blocks.

Any idea, or comment is appreciated.