Image Gallery w thumbnails - No popups, no page changes

Hey all,

I want to create a gallery for my graphic design work on my site. For the sake of professionalism and useability, theres certain guidelines I want to follow:

I want the gallery to have thumbnail images.
I don’t want to have any new windows pop up.
I don’t want it to go to a seperate page (unless the thumbnails can still be displayed).
Flash is my last resort for the sake of user compatability.

This is sort of half a layout/logistics issue, half a technical issue. I have multiple sections of the gallery on the page (e.g. photo restoration, logos, magazine layouts, etc.) if that helps at all. I’m kind of a mid-level user, just starting to break into CSS, php, xml, and other web technologies, which I really don’t feel comfortable using professionally just yet. I use FrontPage 2003.

If someone could tell me what the best way to do this would be that would be great.

I would use PHP or ASP. Read up on Master-Detail sets. If not you can use javascript, I really don’t use JS so I’m not too sure how.

Man, here you go… search for photo galleries, or something along those lines

You could use frames like in this wedding site I made. Actually I used an html generator from a catalog program called [URL=]iView to make it.