Image marquee with mouse interaction?

Hi everyone, im still developing my skills in flash… so this might be easier then what i think it is?

I am attempting to create a horizontal scroll of images which moves at a smooth speed and continually loops. Once the user clicks on an image in the scroll it does two things: 1- stops the image scroll until the user rolls out of the image scroll. 2- changes an image above the scroll (some text animates over this image).

Would it be better to make 1 and 2 as two seperate swf’s?

Im unsure of what kind of action script this would require…

All advice is muchly appreciated :slight_smile:

You want the infinate_resize one =)

cool… but how would you make the thumbs continually scroll and then when you click on one, the large image displays with some animated text on top?

There are a million ways to do that. If you don’t know how to animate text and are stuggling with the above example. Maybe try doing the basic tutorials either on this site, or the ones that come with flash before you jump in over your head. =)

I will have a closer look at the example. i know how to animate text :slight_smile:
its the actionscript that gets me a bit confused.