Image pan with rollovers within

The below code was created by creatify at the following link:

The code below is within the .fla file plus an .as file is outside the .fla.

import com.McSlider;

var myclip:MovieClip = _root.img;
var myeasing:Number = .5;
var myX:Number = 40;
var myY:Number = 40;
var myviewW:Number = 720;
var myviewH:Number = 520;
var mystartX:Number = ((myclip._width - myviewW)/2); //want the image to start centered
var mystartY:Number = ((myclip._height - myviewH)/2); //want the image to start centered

//new McSlider(yourMovieClip, easing, clipX, clipY, aperature_width, aperature_height, initial_x_Offset, initial_y_Offset);
var nMC:McSlider = new McSlider(myclip, myeasing, myX, myY, myviewW, myviewH, mystartX, mystartY);

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I have been editing this to work to my own benefits, but have come stuck with a problem.
The problem being, that i have placed rollovers within the image pan, but the .as will not read these due to the movement code for the image. would anyone possibly have any suggestions to how i might get this to work??

Thanks in advance