imageVue problem :(

Well hello all.Happy new years
Anyways i would like to know if any one has the imagevue gallery?I got it but im having problems loading it into a swf movie.It works perfect when is just the gallery but im tryin to load it into anather flash movie.(makin a site and want to keep it on the same flash movie.)Does anyone know how i could fix this?

ps.I have tried e-mailing imagevue but they take a while to respond and not the best help either.:frowning:

thnx in advance ~_^

Try setting the [font=courier new]MovieClip._lockroot[/font] property to [font=courier new]true[/font]. :slight_smile:

hey thnx for the link but im trying to make it load when u click a button so what should i use?

Uhmm… I’d just put this code in the first frame actions of the movie that you’re loading dynamically:

this._lockroot = true;