ImagevueX. Not fully Customizable?

Hello Kirupa!

Quick question.

Sorry it’s about imagevue again. Can someone, anyone confirm for me that imagevueX is not fully customizable? I’ve posted a thumb below of what I’d like to change. It’s the bar graphic and drop shadow.

There is nothing in the online documentation about changing the bar graphic or removing the drop shadow.

I’ve emailed their support, joined their forum and posted 2 threads. Emailed them 3X since last week Sunday, emailed the creator and did followup emails during the week as well and believe I am getting no response because a no to my questions would mean that it’s not fully customizable and might look bad for a company that’s selling 1 product.

Any help would be appreciated. I thought it was still a sane thing to do by asking a presales question before you bought a product, but I guess times are changing.