Img src in flash

Is there a way to put this

<img src=""></img>

into a swf. file?

[size=1]*** fixed it

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*Originally posted by rawguru *
Is there a way to put this
<img src=""<

into a swf. file? **

Huh ? That code looks weird to me. Shouldn’t it be <img src=""> ? That would give us … <img src=“”>

It’s a cgi counter i got from some site. Now I want to put it into my flash page or will it not work?

the coming version of flash will allow usage of the <**img> tag, but with mx, no you can’t. You can load the image (only if it’s a jpeg) with the loadMovie method… :slight_smile:

It’s an image, and it’s png format. If it were jpg I’d say maybe loadMovie(“”); ,but for png, I have actually no idea :-…

oh… if it’s a png, no can do :frowning:

use php to make it into a jpg, then load

i was thinking of that too, but why not use php and make a hit counter instead? :-\

It wont change the chmod to 666, I reported this to my host and he said it does it automatically. I dont think it does, cause my script is not working.