Img stretching in dynamic HTML


Has anyone had the problem of an image, jpg or png, stretching horizontally in an HTML dynamic scroll bar?

See screenie of SWF:

That red box is a jpg, 50px by 50px, so it’s meant to be a square but it’s stretching horizontally by about 200%.

This is my external HTML text file, news.txt:



<img src="images/square.jpg" width="50" height="50">


The code on frame 1 of the dynamic text box, instance name of dyn. text is “newsText”:

newsText.text = "loading...";
var myLoadVars = new LoadVars();
var newsCSS = new TextField.StyleSheet();
myLoadVars.onLoad = function(success) {
    if (success) {
    } else {
        newsText.text = "Sorry, error occured loading HTML text";
newsCSS.onLoad = function(success) {
    if (success) {
        newsText.html = true;
        newsText.multiline = true;
        newsText.condenseWhite = true;
        newsText.styleSheet = newsCSS;
        newsText.htmlText = myLoadVars.theText;
        newsText.autoSize = true;
        //so that the textbox autoresize itself
        newsText._y = -_parent.mc2.newsText._height/2;
        //once the textbox autoresized itself this will replace it on the center
        _parent.button._x = Math.round(_parent.button._x);
        //this roundup the position of the button on the x-axis. Thanks Chris!
        _parent.button.a = _parent.button._x;
        _parent.button.b = _parent.button._y;
    } else {
        newsText.text = "Sorry, error occured loading CSS information";

Code seems a little complicated, that’s because I’m using a smooth scrollbar, from, edited to accept external HTML and CSS.

I’ve tried so many variations of the image tag and whole html text file, and I’ve been searching for ages trying to find why it stretches it and how I can make it display normal scale! I found I can just reduce the width by 50%, but it seems to downsample it a bit choppy.

The dynamic text box that the HTML is displayed in is ticked as HTML, multiline and selectable, and border around text - just for this example.

Is there something clearly wrong with my HTML file?

EDIT: I’m using Flash 8 with latest Flash Player, 9?

Hope there’s a solution help out there :wink:

P.S., in this forum how can I make an <a> tag work, as <a href=“”>Click for Google</a> and being able to click on the “Click for Google” part. Couldn’t seem to work it :)…